Market Intelligence is the answer to the new opportunities and challenges.

It is able to enrich new and existing addresses and predict potentials.

Market Intelligence

Gain the competitive advantage of aligning your marketing and sales activities with the use and needs of your target market by identifying and better understanding customer needs early on and making accurate predictions for the future.

By using our market intelligence, you will receive precisely fitting target customers and be able to predict potentials. We also optimize the quality of your existing address and data pools. This minimizes wastage, optimizes the outcome and the cost per lead.

Campaigns based on this information reach a new level of quality!

360° Data Crawler

We know your B2B customers and their IT environment. The Sales People 360° Data Crawler provides you with target customers who are a 100% match for your service offering. Based on in- and external sources of information we combine classic selection criteria with recent industry attributes to correspond to your target group.

As a result you get an interesting insight over your target accounts, such as:


Which CRM & which ERP systems your target companies make use of?

Cloud & Security

Which cloud security solutions the companies in your target group trust in?


Are there any specific digitization projects listet in the pipeline? And if so, in which sector?

IT Infrastructure

Which manufacturers does your target group trust regarding servers, storage, network, etc.?


AI-powered address packages

We support you in the structure of your address- and data pool as well as the creation of the corresponding requirements regarding a differentiated customer approach as well as a successful customer relationship management:

  • Address sales
  • Selection according to the demanded criteria
  • e.g. ERP, postal code, employee size, etc.
  • Company & group analyses